IMA Seeks ‘Martyr’ Status for 382 docs died of Corona

IMA Seeks ‘Martyr’ Status for 382 docs died of Corona

The Narendra Modi government has made another shocking announcement as it says that it has no data on the number of doctors and health workers who died on the frontlines of the COVID-19- battle.

The government’s statement, understandably, has raised the hackles of the medical fraternity, with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) hitting out at the government for “abandoning” the “corona warriors.”

Upset with the government, IMA even listed the 382 doctors who had died of coronavirus, adding that youngest doctor to lose his life was 24 years old and the oldest was aged 86.

The IMA reacted strongly to the Minister’s statement, falying it for “indifference” and “abdication” as also “abandonment of heroes” and released a list of 382 deceased doctors.

“IMA hereby publishes the list of Indian doctors who died in the pandemic due to Covid 19. We demand they be acknowledged and treated as martyrs. Their families and children deserve solace and from the Government. IMA also urges the Government to seek data from the representatives of nurses and other healthcare workers,” IMA president Rajan Sharma wrote to the government.

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