‘If Glasgow fails, the whole thing fails’: UK PM Boris Johnson

‘If Glasgow fails, the whole thing fails’: UK PM Boris Johnson

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson urged world leaders at the UN climate change summit in Glasgow on Sunday to reduce carbon emissions and warned that if they do not act, efforts to halt catastrophic warming will fail. If the COP26 climate change meeting in Glasgow fails, the entire effort to reduce emissions will fail. On the eve of the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, the UK PM noted that it is the responsibility of the wealthiest countries to contribute more to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius as set out in the Paris agreement 6 years ago. We need to act now because it’s one minute to midnight.” he stated.

At the G20 summit in Rome, the UK PM stated that despite the warning to world leaders, they had achieved some progress. It remained “in the balance” whether the meetings in Glasgow would deliver on those commitments. “None of the world’s largest economies have a firm plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050,” he acknowledged after the G20 “failed” to identify one. According to the Prime Minister, the G20 agreements were “drops in an ocean of rapid warming” compared to the problem we are all facing. Considering every aspect of the summit, he acknowledged that nations have made reasonable progress, “but it is not enough”.

“Well down” in contributions to the $100 billion climate crisis fund for impoverished countries, he singled out the United States for the first time. “If Glasgow fails, then everything fails,” the UK PM said in response to a question about the prospects for COP26. If the Paris Accord fails, everything will be lost.”

Women and girls in Afghanistan should be a priority for G20 nations, Johnson says

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on member nations of the G20 to give priority to the rights of Afghan women and girls. The UK is contributing £50 million to the initiative, Johnson said in a tweet. In the past few days, he has made remarks to the effect that the UK aims to assist the Afghan people while cautioning that it cannot simply hand a blank check to the Taliban administration.

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