Himachal Pradesh: Chitkul

Himachal Pradesh: Chitkul

Chitkul is so clean, green and beautiful, and beyond to be compared with any other place. Instagramers refer to it as India’s most pleasant village in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Chitkul is deep within the Kinnaur Valley.


It is a village that conceives nature in the most magical state. Valley with green and sky with blue hues, white waters, stones & pebbles, trees, and unadulterated air. The mountains look unrealistically beautiful and some peaks are covered with snow. It’s a place where the drawing book fantasies turn true.


Chitkul – the crown of a place called Kinnaur, is the last inhabited village of India near the Indo-China border. Kinnaur is virgin, green and magical. The roads are narrow and scary. The place Rampur – Shimla route is preferred and the roads are good but the stretch is long.


The best time to visit Chitkul then that it is definitely in September. This is the time when the entire Kinnaur Valley comes to life. With all the colorful blossoms surrounding the area, the place looks extremely heavenly. You can witness the same even in June and August but that is the time of monsoon and you wouldn’t want to risk your holiday. By September, the monsoons months are over and thus, you can enjoy the true beauty of the place.

Chitkul is located at an altitude of about 11,319 ft which makes it a bit difficult to reach. But as they say, no good thing comes that easy. With Kinner Kailash in the backdrop, Chitkul boasts its unparalleled beauty on the banks of Baspa River. It is said to be the last village on the Hindustan-Tibet route and the first village of Baspa valley.

On one side of the river, you can witness the beauty of the snow-clad mountains while the other side has a terrain full of wooden houses and apple orchards. For the most part of the year, the place remains covered under a thick layer of snow.


You can, however, go for trekking. There are a few routes that are quite popular among the trekkers. For a single day trekking, you have Nagashi ITBP post which is just 4 km away. If you go further ahead, you will reach Ranikanda Meadows which is at a distance of 10 km. The same trek can lead you to the Lamkhaga Pass.


Chitkul to Sangla Valley comes to the  Rakcham village. Taking a drive from Rakcham village could be one of the best decisions of your life. On your path, you can enjoy the incredible views which are simply going to leave you breathless.


The Indo-Tibet border is just 90 km from Chitkul village. All civilian movement beyond Chitkul is prohibited. This is the reason why Chitkul is called the last village in India. The area lying beyond Chitkul village is under the control of the Indo-Tibet border police.






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