Have A Glass Of The Traditional Kanji Drink For Its Amazing Health Benefits

Have A Glass Of The Traditional Kanji Drink For Its Amazing Health Benefits


Remember the time when our mothers and grandparents used to make us drink kanji when we would fall ill. This salt and sour probiotic drink have some amazing health benefits which many of us are still unaware of.

Live your childhood with a glass of this traditional drink. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of Kanji and bring back those memories of why your mother gave it to you!

Health Benefits Of Kanji

1) For Energy
Rich in energy-rich carbohydrates, Kanji or grain water is your best bet! All you have to do is have a glass in the morning before leaving home and you will not feel weak or dizzy throughout the day.



2) Your Tummy Loves It

It prevents constipation thanks to the rich fibre content of the grains and it also smoothens bowel movements. The starch it contains due to the rice or grain water stimulates the growth of useful bacteria and promotes healthy bowel movement.



3) Skin Hydration

Have this drink in Summer when there is scorching heat and your body will thank you as it will be hydrated and replenish lost nutrients.



4) Viral Fever

In Indian homes, kanji was for a long time the remedy for fever. It prevents water loss which you may have due to vomiting and it also speeds up the recovery process.



5) Diarrhoea

Amazing for treating diarrhoea, this drink is very good for kids especially. It basically reduces the volume and frequency of stool output in babies.


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