Hasina Pagal Deewani: The first song of the film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ proved to be a weak remix of the hit song

मीका सिंह

The new name of the film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ has been added to the line of films that are going to be released as soon as theaters open. The first song of the film was released on Wednesday and this song of the film has changed the interesting atmosphere created for the film’s release. This first song of the film turned out to be a 22-year-old song by Micah Singh, which became a big hit in its era.

कियारा आडवाणी

The song of the film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’, which was released after the end of Saavan, ‘Saavan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’ is like its lyrics and also unmatched. The song, which has a list of 13 producers, is said to be written by Shabbir Ahmed, although its original song, written 22 years ago by Micah Singh, is still heavy on it.

The film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ is Kiara Advani’s main lead film and the number of his fans is good but he has not been able to take advantage of his fame so far in shaping his career. The film which Lust Stories has decorated for Kiara, is a new product of the same market, director Abir Sengupta’s film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’.

The music of the song ‘Saavan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’, which is included in the film, is with the credit of Mica Singh, the voices are further mixed by Asees Kaur. Aditya Seal is also seen on-screen with Kiara Advani, whose film ‘Anamika’ is getting much praise these days. However, he was not seen doing anything special in this song.

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