Gujarat CM announces body cameras for police

Gujarat CM announces body cameras for police

Gujarat Chief Minister VijayRupani on Friday said police personnel above the rank of sub-inspector will be given body cameras, which will be connectedto a control room to monitor the conduct of policemen with thepublic.

Notably, body cameras are widely used by the police inthe US and other developed countries.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference, thechief minister said cameras will be pinned on police uniformsand the live feed will be streamed to a control room.

Sub-inspectors and inspectors of the trafficdepartment will be covered in the initial phase, he said.

”The tendering process to procure body cameras is inthe final stages. Police personnel are protectors and theyshould never hurt innocent people,” he said.

”Using these cameras, which will remain on all thetime, we can monitor the conduct of policemen towards public,”Rupani said.

This technology will not only help police personnelimprove their behaviour towards citizens, but it will alsoprotect them from false allegations, he said.

In another major announcement, Rupani, who alsohandles the Home department, disbanded the Rapid ResponseCell, commonly known as RR Cell in police circles.

RR cells work directly under the respective rangeinspector generals of police (IGs).

Each range comprises three to four districts, and eachdistrict superintendent of police (SPs) reports to theconcerned Range IG.

”RR Cells were created in 1995 to help range IGs toconduct raids in a prompt manner. In the present scenario, itsusefulness has diminished. The government has decided todissolve all RR Cells in the state. We want to strengthen thedistrict SPs for effective law enforcement” said Rupani.

The decision has come weeks after the Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) caught an assistant sub-inspectorattached to the RR Cell of Ahmedabad Range while allegedlyaccepting a bribe of Rs 50 lakh.

The chief minister, however, asserted that there is noconnection between the decision and the arrest of the sub-inspector by ACB in December, 2020.

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