Greater Noida: Revealed in the murder of Ragini singer Sushma

Greater Noida: Revealed in the murder of Ragini singer Sushma

On Tuesday, Ragini singer Sushma was shot dead in front of Gajendra Bhati’s house by bike-riding shooters. Sushma was hit by four bullets.

Ragini singer Sushma divorced her husband in 2014. Since then, she was living in a live-in-relationship with Gajendra Bhati in an apartment in Greater Noida. Sushma was also attacked on 19 August this year. SSP Vaibhav Krishna told that on August 19 this year, Sushma was attacked during a program in Mehsana village of Bulandshahr. Police have arrested two shooters Mukesh of Jolly Garh Agauta (Bulandshahr) and Sandeep of Thora Jewar after the encounter. Both of them had carried out the murder with a betel nut worth 8 lakh.

The accused said that they had got betel nut worth Rs 8 lakh for the murder. Out of this, 3.90 lakh was paid to him, he came here to collect the remaining money. The encounter took place and the two miscreants got shot in the leg.

Sushma is accused that, Sushma was pressurizing her to marry and wanted to get her property in her name. At the same time, the police say that Gajendra was also suspicious of Sushma’s character. To get rid of Sushma, Gajendra conspired and killed sushma.

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