Four-day laser show in CP from Saturday for cracker-free Diwali

Four-day laser show in CP from Saturday for cracker-free Diwali

The government will organise a four-day laser show in Connaught Place (CP), beginning October 26, to encourage citizens not to burst crackers this Diwali, said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday.


The move aims at encouraging a “community and pollution-free Diwali”, he said at a press conference here. “Various laser shows will be organised from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. from October 26-29. I invite the people of Delhi to attend the event and celebrate Diwali without firecrackers,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

Deputy Chief Minister, who was also present at the conference, said the event would be a “community Diwali” with no pollution.

There would be no entry passes for the event, Mr. Kejriwal said. “The whole of CP will be decorated with laser lights. The shows will take place every hour. Various art and cultural programmes will also be held. There will be food courts and markets in the area,” he said.

If the show is successful, the government would organise the event at various locations and on a larger scale next year, he promised.

Addressing concerns exhibited by traders from CP, he said business was expected to increase and restrictions have only been imposed on private transport in the Inner Circle area, where the event will be organised.

“There are no restrictions on traders and businessmen. Instead, the trade will be doubled because people will be visiting CP in large numbers. Private cars can cause congestion and hence the restrictions on them,” he said.

Mr. Sisodia said facilities would be put in place in the light of these restrictions. “We have arranged for special parking facilities at nearby locations such as Shivaji Stadium. Electric vehicles will also be deployed to transit people from one location to another,” he said.

“We all have been witnessing reports of high pollution levels since the last 10-15 years during Diwali. And to avoid this, we want to celebrate cracker-free and pollution-free Diwali this year,” Mr. Sisodia added.

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