Finance Minster poses 10 questions for Rahul Gandhi speech on farmer`s protest

Finance Minster poses 10 questions for Rahul Gandhi speech on farmer`s protest

Image result for 'Rahul Gandhi becoming doomsday man of India': Sitharaman poses 10 questionsAttacking the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that he is becoming the “doomsday man” of India and is building fake narratives that “demean” the country.

On Saturday, Sitharaman in a discussion on Union Budget 2021 in the Lok Sabha, posted 10 question for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi`s speech on farmer`s protest.

“He said he would be only commenting on farmers’ issues as this is also part of the budget. I am also giving my reply pertaining to that,” Sitharaman said.

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  • First, Sitharaman said that she expected explanation from Rahul Gandhi on the farmers protests as the same promises were made during the Congress election manifest.
  • Second, she is seeking explanation from Rahul about the loan waiver that has not yet been implemented in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan where Congress was in power. “Congress is so sympathetic to farmers’ issues. Then why not implement loan waiver especially when you come to power riding on these promises,” Sitharaman said.
  • “My third expectation was Rahul Gandhi would say something on Punjab’s ‘kala kanoon’ that has provision to send farmers to jail. I thought he would say he has asked Punjab CM to repeal that law,” Sitharaman said.
  • Fourth, she expected Rahul Gandhi to say something on stubble burning.
  • Fifth, “I expected Rahul Gandhi to at least point one clause of the three laws that is anti-farmer,” the finance minister said.
  • Sixth, the finance minister referred to Gandhi’s ‘Hum do, Hamare do’ and said, “When PM Modi talked about small farmers, I expected Rahul Gandhi to announce that he had also asked ‘his two’ to return lands to farmers that were acquired at throwaway prices. But he didn’t do that.”
  • Seventh, “I had also expected Rahul Gandhi to say that Congress party won’t dishonour Manmohan Singh after PM Modi quoted Manmohan Singh on farm reforms. I expected he would say why the Congress has started to forget Manmohan Singh’s ideas,” she said.
  • Eighth, “Can you show one proof of APMC being closed anywhere in the country? I expected him to come up with at least one example,” Sitharaman said.
  • Ninth, “This is not an expectation, but a question to Rahul Gandhi. Why does he choose to insult constitutional authorities?” Sitharaman asked.
  • Tenth, “My last point will be the fake narrative that he is building identifying with the ‘break India fringe group’. I remember what he said about Covid-19 pandemic. I don’t want to waste the time of the House by repeating the same but in summary, it was like ‘I will continue to demean India’. The veteran leader is perhaps becoming the doomsday man of India,” Sitharaman said.
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