Filmmakers request Tamil Nadu Government to grant permission to resume shooting

Filmmakers request Tamil Nadu Government to grant permission to resume shooting

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the government of Tamil Nadu had announced that movie theatres and malls in 16 districts of Tamil Nadu will remain closed until further notice. The shooting of the films have also been stopped due to the same reason.


However, the Tamil Nadu government recently allowed the filmmakers to resume post-production work from May 11. Now according to the latest reports, the filmmakers have also requested the TN government to permit them to resume shooting of the films.


According to media reports, producers Dhananjayan, Suresh Kamatchi, PL Thenappan, JSK Sathish, T Siva among others recently visited Kadambur Raju for permission. The letter to the government reads, “Around 600 crores of investment have been locked in these films and the livelihood of the producers has been badly affected.


Similar to other industries which have been permitted to operate, we request the government to allow permission to resume shooting activities with certain restrictions. We will follow the necessary safety measures and guidelines imposed by the government.”


The president of Film Employees Federation of South India also said, “I urge members to keep in mind that if even one person does not follow the guidelines or if one person is responsible for infecting others with COVID-19, it is the whole film industry that will suffer as a result.”


Meanwhile, the technical crew has been strictly asked to follow the rules and take precautions. They have been asked to follow social-distancing amid COVID-19 outbreak.



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