Farmers in Haryana who are protesting agree to end their roadblock of a national route.

Farmers in Haryana who are protesting agree to end their roadblock of a national route.


After receiving assurances from the government that they will receive more Kharif grains per acre than usual, farmers in Kurukshetra on September 24 early ended their 20-hour blockage of the National Highway-44.

On September 23, farmers from the Haryana Bhartiya Kisan Union (Chaduni) shut down the highway that connects Delhi and Chandigarh to demand that the government start buying paddy right now.

Haryana will begin purchasing Kharif grains, including paddy, from October 1.

Gurnam Singh Chaduni, the head of the Haryana BKU (Chaduni), claimed that the government’s decision to consider buying Thirty quintals of paddy each acre rather than the previous 22 quintals was what caused the stir to come to an end.

Additionally, he stated that until the procurement process starts on October 1 the district authority will oversee the crops which farmer bring to the mandis.

Shantanu Sharma, the deputy commissioner in charge of Kurukshetra, attested to the farmers’ lifting of the roadblock.

On September 23, when traffic had completely stopped, a local attorney petitioned the Punjab as well as Haryana High Court, pleading with it to order the government to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

The government received the requisite instructions in this regard from the bench of Justices Augustine George Masih as well as Alok Jain during a hearing that took place at midnight.

Farmers near Haryana’s Kurukshetra staged a demonstration that started on Friday morning, and by the evening, hundreds of demonstrators had blocked the road while hundreds of vehicles, notably lorries and other long-distance vehicles, were stuck near Shahbad. By midnight, when this report was submitted, the farmers still hadn’t budgeted despite negotiations between the police and the union leaders.

This highway runs across both ends of Haryana to connect Delhi with Chandigarh, and it continues on to Shimla and other regions of Himachal Pradesh.

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