Everyone can be a detective with  Flipkart’s latest release, ‘Kaun? Who did it’

Everyone can be a detective with  Flipkart’s latest release, ‘Kaun? Who did it’

Show:- ‘Kaun? Who did it’

Episodes:- 35

Cast:- Sushant Singh, Samvedna Suwalka

Directors:- Saket Yadav and Asif Malik

Creator:- Umesh Bist

Writer:- Sunjoy Shekhar

Producer:- Guneet Monga (Sikhya Entertainment)


This crime thriller introduces the audience with the story of Detective Adi (Sushant Singh). Adi is a Super-cop-turned-detective. He was famous for being a genius investigator and won many awards for his work. But unfortunately he gets shot in the leg during a criminal encounter, due to which he is handicapped for life. His junior inspector Malini (Samvedna Suwalka) brings him back to the world of crime and he starts helping her in solving mysteries. The series eventually shows the audience the dark sides of the protagonists.


Flipkart has released its new crime thriller series. This series has 35 episodes and every episode follows the same pattern, but with each new episode a new crime takes place which entices the audience. The mystery is told to the audience step by step. The investigators trace back the sequence of the events that took place. All the evidences are shown to the audience and the audience can watch all the suspects tell about their sides of the story.

It is a very fast paced series with a lot of actions for the audience. The actors have done full justice with their roles. Actor Sushant Singh has done a tremendous job, in playing the character of Adi.

The writing is so neat that the episodes compile everything under 20 minutes. They are short, crisp yet intriguing.

It is an interactive show, so the audience cannot rewind or forward it. This is a very smart move on behalf of the makers.

Unique concept:-

The innovation, with which Flipkart has come up, is that it had allowed the audience to interact with the series and be a part of it. The audience just have to solve the mystery before the answer unfolds on the screen. They have to figure out, ‘who’ did it and ‘how’. If they are able to do so, they can win exciting prizes.

Audience gets hints and clues throughout the episodes. Each episode has one gruesome crime and 4 suspects. Before revealing the culprit the episode is paused for 15 seconds and the audience gets 4 options on the screen. If the audience can guess the answer, they can win exciting prizes.

Flipkart video is only available on the Flipkart app. it is very unique concept where one can watch and play game shows, across formats, and win prizes every day.


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