EU to Set Target for Vaccinating 70% of Its Population by Summer

EU to Set Target for Vaccinating 70% of Its Population by Summer

The European Commission will also vow to agree with member states by the end of this month on a protocol for vaccination certificates “which can be recognized and used in health systems across the EU — and which could be scaled up globally in coordination with the World Health Organization,” according to the draft of the document seen by Bloomberg.

Such certificates could replace quarantines and test-requirements, proving that “you are no longer high-risk for travel.”

The draft policy paper, which is still subject to changes until it’s formally adopted on Tuesday, comes amid an increase in infections that has forced EU governments to prolong recession-inducing lockdowns. It also follows an underwhelming rollout of vaccinations across the continent that has left the EU lagging behind the U.S., the U.K. and other developed nations.

EU leaders will seek ways to up their game when they hold a video conference on Thursday, which is meant to be informed by the latest commission proposals. Among the most controversial issues on the table is a push for the introduction of vaccination certificates that would allow travel to resume — at least for those who receive the jab.

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