EU ordered measures against Military coup leaders

EU ordered measures against Military coup leaders

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On Monday, as people rallied in the streets of Yangon, to find out the people responsible for military coup, the European Union foreign ministers asked the top diplomats to draw measures.

“The European Union calls for de-escalation of the current crisis through an immediate end to the state of emergency, the restoration of the legitimate civilian government and the opening of the newly elected parliament,” the ministers said in a statement as they met in Brussels.

“In response to the military coup, the European Union stands ready to adopt restrictive measures targeting those directly responsible. All other tools at the disposal of the European Union and its Member States will be kept under review,” the ministers said.

Image result for EU prepares measures against Myanmar coup leadersThe travelling of people to Europe is banned and freeze on people`s assets is involved in such sanctions.

On February 1, the Parliament was stopped from coming together by Myanmar`s military Junta. The military claimed that the elections won last year by Aung San Suu Kyi`s party were fraud. The junta took over the election commission that confirmed the victory of Aung`s party.

After 50 years of army rule that began with 1962 coup, this coup was a major setback to Myanmar`s transition to democracy. Suu Kyi`s party won the 2015 election.

Suu Kyi and President Myint are still in detention whereas around 640 people have been arrested, charged or sentenced, with 593 according to the independent Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

The unconditional release of the President, Suu Kyi and those held since coup was condemned by the EU. It also said that the sanctions imposed are not on the ordinary people and they also condemned the security crackdown and had sympathy for people.

The junta had said it would use the lethal force on people if they answered the call for a general strike, and blocked roads around the US Embassy in Yangon and thousands of protesters gathered on Monday. Military trucks and riot police stood nearby.

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