Do not refuse to get COVID-19 vaccines: Health Ministry urges to the citizens

Do not refuse to get COVID-19 vaccines: Health Ministry urges to the citizens

On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry, has requested the people to not refuse the shots of Covid vaccine, when their turn come up for getting inoculated. This request was made to the people who are chosen for the COVID-19 vaccination.  Reports suggested that people were not turning up for the vaccination drive.

According to the Health Ministry, this hesitancy regarding the vaccine is an issue as it can lead to the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. All the efforts made by frontline warriors will be wasted if that happens.

The officials of the Health Ministry addressed a press conference on the vaccination drive being conducted in India. They reassured the people that both the vaccines have been approved by the government after rigorous testing; hence they are safe for the people.

NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul said, “Those of us who are fortunate enough to be listed for vaccination, please, we should not refuse. When you receive a vaccine, you protect yourself and can perform your functions without fear. Once an individual is protected the virus can then not affect that individual at all.”

He further added to his statement, “You are not fulfilling our societal responsibility if a vaccine assigned to you is not being taken. Please understand the whole world is clamoring for the vaccines. It is an issue for government officials across the world to vaccinate priority groups,”

Dr. Paul highlighted that non Covid health services need to start again in full swing and inorder to do so the chosen beneficiaries should get vaccinated when their turn arrives. After they get vaccinated the healthcare workers should be able to work without any fear of contracting the disease.

Prime Minister Modi has also urged to the citizens to get vaccinated, so that the spread of the virus could be curbed.

According to a report, India is planning to vaccinate close to 30 million healthcare workers under Phase 1 of the Covid-19 vaccination drive. The government has said that the number of inoculated people is more than twice the number of cases. (PTI)

Till Tuesday morning, 454,049 people were vaccinated under the vaccination drive in India.


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