“Dinosaur On The Loose”: Watch Anushka Sharma’s Video

“Dinosaur On The Loose”: Watch Anushka Sharma’s Video

Anushka Sharma shared an ROFL video featuring husband Virat Kohli on Wednesday. Virat, who was in the mood for some dinosaur-themed fun, made a brief appearance in Anushka’s Instagram video titled: “I spotted… A dinosaur on the loose.”


The video begins with an empty frame while suddenly Virat walks in… umm… imitating a dinosaur (blame too many Jurassic Park movies) and lets out a roar in the end. Within minutes of posting the video, Anushka’s feed was flooded with comments saying Virat is the “cutest dinosaur” that the Internet’s ever seen. So, here’s what the lockdown is making Virat Kohli do.


Anushka and Virat and often send the Internet into a tizzy with their appearances together on Instagram. During the lockdown, which just entered its fourth phase, Virushka – as fans like to call them – filled up their feed with glimpses of their quarantined lives and throwback memories.


On the work front, Anushka Sharma produced Amazon Prime’s recently released web show Pataal Lok, which opened to much critical appreciation. “Proud of my love Anushka for producing such a gripping series,” Virat said in his review.


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, keep these videos coming. We love you for that!

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