CWC passes resolution on farm laws, demands a rollback of laws

CWC passes resolution on farm laws, demands a rollback of laws

The Congress Working Committee passed a resolution against the three farm laws. CWC said that these laws were harmful to the constitutional rights of the states and to the system of MSP Public Procurement and PDS. The resolution clearly wants a rollback of the laws as it states, “The CWC demands that the Modi government should forthwith repeal the three anti-agriculture laws.”

On Friday, Congress Working Committee organised a meet. Among other issues, they discussed the controversial farm laws introduced by the Centre last year. The CWC passed a resolution against the law, which said that the laws did not pass the test of Parliamentary scrutiny as they were “bulldozed by muzzling the voice of the opposition”.

“Particularly in Rajya Sabha, the three laws were passed by Voice Vote in an unprecedented fashion as the Government did not have the requisite majority on the floor,” it read.

The resolution read, “There is only one demand of India’s farmers and farm labourers — repeal the three objectionable laws. But the Government continues to side-step, malign, deceive and hoodwink the farmers by attempting to tire out, intimidate and divide the farmers. Let the BJP Government understand one unequivocal truth – India’s farmers shall neither bow down, nor be cowed down.”

CWC feels that the implementation of these farm laws would surely affect all the citizens. It would definitely happen as after the implementation of the laws, pricing of all food products would be at the mercy of a handful of people.

The resolution added that according to the farmer’s organisation, 147 farmers have lost their lives. It read, “Across the country, farmers and farm labourers have been protesting, taking out rallies, holding hunger strikes, conducting tractor yatras and extensive demonstrations, yet a tyrannical Government dismisses the angst of millions of farmers by branding them as ‘anti-nationals’ and worse.”

Centre introduced 3 farm laws last year and since its introduction, farmers from all around the world have been protesting against it. Farmers have claimed that these laws will make them vulnerable to exploitation by big corporations.

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