Covid update:

Covid update:

According to data published on Monday by the Union Health Ministry, India recorded 17,073 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 4,34,07,046, whereas the number of active cases increased to 94,420.

The figures refreshed at 8 am showed that there were 21 more deaths, bringing the total to 5,25,020.

The government reported that the nationwide COVID-19 recovery was 98.58%, while the active cases make up 0.21 percent of all infections.

Delhi: Delhi Reports 3 Deaths and 628 New Cases of COVID. According to a health bulletin, Delhi recorded 628 new Covid cases and 3 additional deaths today, with the positive rate being 8.06 percent.The number of Covid cases in Delhi increased to 19,32,026 while the mortality toll increased to 26,256.Yesterday, there was no health advisory from the department.

Haryana: 10.1 lakh new cases reported including 540 new cases.

Maharashtra: 1,062 of the 2,369 new cases in Maharashtra are in Mumbai. According to a state health bulletin, Maharashtra recorded 2,369 new Covid cases today, bringing the total to 79,65,035. The state also recorded 5 deaths linked to COVID, bringing the overall death toll to 1,47,910. Mumbai provided the reports of the deaths. The number of patients who have recovered from the illness as of today is 1,402, bringing the total to 77,91,555. There are presently 25,570 active cases. Mumbai recorded 1,062 new cases of COVID and 5 fatalities from the illness. There are presently 12,479 open cases in Mumbai.

Punjab: Punjab reported 30 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of coronavirus all time cases to 7,59,334.

Himachal Pradesh: 37 new cases reported , total all time active cases 2.86Lakh

Uttar Pradesh: After 682 new cases of Covid infection were reported, Brajesh Pathak, the deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, raised concern for the state. Over 20 lakh instances have been registered with Covid overall.


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