Covid-19: Key takeaways from PM Modi’s meeting with CMs

Covid-19: Key takeaways from PM Modi’s meeting with CMs

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with the chief ministers of states and Union territories over the increasing COVID-19 cases in the country.

The urgent meeting held on Wednesday was PM Modi’s first such meeting after Covid-19 vaccination started in India on January 16.

He warned the citizens that if a second surge of Covid-19 cases is not stopped, there could be another pan-India outbreak.

Here are the key highlights of the meeting:

a) PM Modi talked about need of quick and decisive steps to tackle the emerging second peak of infections in the country.

b) Modi informed that there has been an over 150% increase in new cases in 70 districts. He said, “If we do not stop the second wave quickly, we will face troubles.”

c) Modi stressed on focusing on the test-trace-treat strategy. As some states are emphasizing on rapid antigen tests, Modi called for scaling up RT-PCR testing and vaccination sites.

d) Modi reiterated that the country should use the formula of “treatment also, stringent protocols also”.

e) While talking about the wastage of vaccine in UP, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Modi called for the need to reduce wastage and prevent the expiry of doses.

f) Modi highlighted that the whole world is talking about how India has tackled the disease with 96% recoveries.

g) Modi warned that rural areas with weaker health resources should be protected as resources might fall short.

h) PM Modi underlined that local administrations were not very strict in ensuring the wearing of masks. The issues must be resolved, he said.

i) PM Modi asked for the monitoring of places where testing and vaccination rates are low.

j) Modi also underscored that fight against Covid-19 has given the country some confidence, but that should not turn into laxity. He said, “We have to be proactive in this phase. We have to focus on creating micro-containment zones and [ensure] there is no laxity.”

k) Several states sought more vaccine doses.

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