CM Yediyurappa being blackmailed, claims rebel MLA

CM Yediyurappa being blackmailed, claims rebel MLA

On Wednesday, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced the list of 7 ministers who are to be inducted into his 17 month old cabinet.

CM Yediyurappa finalised seven names of ministers who will take oath as a part of cabinet expansion and sent the list to Raj Bhavan. There were nearly 24 aspirants among which the list consisted of MLAs Umesh Katti, Arvind Limbavali, Murugesh Nirani, C P Yogeshwar, S Angara, and MLCs MTB Nagaraj and R Shankar. As soon as Yediyurappa announced this list, several BJP MLA’s expressed their serious discontent.

The ministers who aspired to get a cabinet berth but were not able to get one, showed their resentment. BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, alleged that CM Yedurappa was being blackmailed by atleast 3 of those soon to be sworn in ministers, into giving them ministerial berth.

“CM is making those who are blackmailing him Ministers. Three people- one political secretary and two Ministers have been blackmailing with some of Yediyurappa”s CDs for three months. One who will become Minister today, along with CD blackmail, was also involved in payment of money to Vijayendra (CM”s son),”he said.

The former Union Minister claimed that the CM was distributing money to “lingayat mutts” so that they rebel against the Centre in case he is asked to step down. He even made a request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end the dynastic politics from Yediyurappa”s family in the state as he alleges that CM and his family have “hijacked” the BJP in Karnataka.

Ministerial aspirant and MLC A H Vishwanth, who switched to BJP after resigning from the congress-JD(S) coalition, accused the CM of breaking his promise.

Karnataka’s excise minister H Nagesh refused to step down and said that his community will revolt if he is dropped from the cabinet. Last year, Nagesh was accused of taking bribe of ₹one crore for a transfer, but he alleged that he was being targeted because he is a Dalit.

According to Political Analyst Aravind, “There are simply too many claimants for too few posts. It will definitely create heartburn amongst those who have been denied a berth. Remains to be seen how he will handle the aftermath of the cabinet expansion exercise.”

Currently the cabinet consists of 27 members and 7 berths are vacant.


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