Classes resume for Primary schools in Jammu

Classes resume for Primary schools in Jammu

On Monday, the classes for the students until class 8 have been resumed in Jammu Division. This decision came after a week of reopening the schools for the students from class 9 to 12.

The spokesperson said, “The schools have reopened in the state for the first time after being closed since March 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic.”

The teachers and staff members welcomed the students with flowers, balloons, sweets and chocolates.

Anuradha Gupta, the Jammu School Education Director, congratulated all the stakeholders, including students, their parents and staff members, for the reopening up of schools. She also cautioned everyone to follow all the safety measures issued by the state and central government.

In the morning, Gupta visited several schools in Jammu district. She visited Samba district where she inspected few government schools and interacted with the students and stakeholders.

The state and central government have released guidelines to be followed by the schools for the reopening.

Gupta informed that all the guidelines were being followed. Care was being taken to ensure safety and security of the students and staff members.

The Jammu School Education Director said, “Every crisis comes with an opportunity. While we missed on a lot things, a lot could have been achieved in this year that was lost to COVID.”

She further pointed out that the department has managed to take advantage of the closed schools. She said, “We did manage to take advantage of closed school buildings… and beautified the campuses and made them vibrant and student-friendly.”

Corona virus cases in Jammu-Kashmir are dropping at a very good rate and death ratio in both the divisions of the Union Territory has also come down.

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