Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram arrested INX media case, taken to CBI HQ

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram arrested INX media case, taken to CBI HQ

New Delhi: Former FM P Chidambaram appeared at Congress Office after 28 hours of hiding from central investigative agencies ED & CBI. He made this dramatic appearance for a one-sided press conference. Smiling out falsely and shaking hands with his party fellow mates Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Kapil Sibbal who are also advocating on his behalf in the infamous INX Media case where he is accused of taking bribery for allowing the company to receive undisclosed foreign funds illegally for their business.

It is to be noted that the Delhi High Court had previously rejected his anticipatory bail in the INX Media case as it was not listed in the Supreme Court. Before this, the SC had listed his plea asking for protection from immediate arrest was listed for 23rd August but after the Ayodhya dispute case, it was not mentioned.

He appeared in front of the media not to answer or talk directly on this but just to read out his image makeover scripted statement from a piece of paper, reading which he said, “If I have to choose between liberty or life, I would definitely choose liberty”. He clearly said that neither him nor his son Karti Chidambaram is guilty in this case and he has faith in the rule of law which shall grant him justice.

Although even his own team of lawyers cum pals argued that we need 24 hours plus to examine and work out the way to defend ourselves in this case.

When everything was not working, Chidambaram reached out his Jorbagh residence while leaving his driver in the middle way to drive by self to reach home by 8:35 pm.

What happens next is totally filmy but true! CBI team gets informed and reaches the gates of his residence with mainstream media personnel already there reporting this epic hide&seek game of a politician of such a high status may be in the past not now because the CBI team bounced the walls and reaches the residence premises followed by the agitation of some Congress goons who did vandalism and fight with the CBI officials.

Final Update: Kingpin of NX Media case P Chidambaram is set to be arrested and will be questioned as his plea will be heard on 23rd August but if he spills the beans being unprepared even the Gandhi family and the entire Congress Party is set to be in the lines of political trouble.

Just a reminder when P Chidamabaram was the HM he made the then Gujarat State Home Minister Amit Shah (present HM) face police arrest, false charges, and case only to be forced to live in exile away from his own home state. Today Karma repeats itself ! with Amit Shah doing the action and not saying.

Interrogation of P Chidambaram underway by the CBI team at his Jorbagh, Delhi residence. Chidambaram arrested by CBI in INX media case, reports PTI quoting officials. 

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