Chef Sanjeev Kapoor came forward to serve meals to frontline workers in Mumbai

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor came forward to serve meals to frontline workers in Mumbai

The Khana Khazana fame, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has joined forces with World Central Kitchen, a non – profit organization and Taj Hotels to provide meals to frontline workers at Cooper Hospital in Mumbai.

The chef, Sanjeev Kapoor joined RJ Aniket for Fever Network’s 100 Hours 100 Stars initiative from his home via video live, and spoke about life after lockdown, work – life balance, and his noble initiative of feeding health and medical workers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, with 45,000 meals being distributed in Mumbai alone.

Kapoor wrote, “We will be expanding to Ahemdabad soon and Delhi is also in the pipeline. Thank you to all those who are working round the clock tirelessly to keep us safe.”

He added, “Let us all also do our part and stay home and wear a mask properly if we must absolutely step out. Together we shall overcome this.”

Other than Sanjeev Kapoor, other celebrity chefs have also came forward to offer relief amid the COVID crisis.

Chef Saransh Goila has also been curating a list of COVID meal providers across the country who are giving home cooked healthy food to patients.

Chef Vikas Khanna has also partnered with an organization to distribute PPE kits and oxygen concentrators in India. So far, 5000 PPE kits and 500 oxygen concentrators have been sent to India.

Chef Sanjeev Kpoor said, “I must admit, with each passing day it gets better and hope also increases. I think these are good signs. I won’t say it has been a piece of cake, but it is much better than what we first heard of it. I have to say it is much better than what I first though it to be,” when asking about his lockdown.

Continuing about how the lockdown and coronavirus have affected his life and what he has been up to, Chef Kapoor said, “We have no business. We have seventy restaurants worldwide and they are all shut. We have a cookware company, ‘Wonderchef’ that is also shut. We have a television channel, Food Food, that is up and running, a YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we are creating content and they are all up and running. There is work that is happening, there are certain projects that I’m working on. I am doing a lot of thinking.”


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