‘Cheer Haran’ out in cinemas today, movie is an eye opener

‘Cheer Haran’ out in cinemas today, movie is an eye opener

Movie: Cheer Haran

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Director: Kuldeep Ruhil

Producer: Ritu Ruhil and Kuldeep Ruhil.

Narrator: Kuldeep Ruhil

Release date: 29.01.2021


The documentary shows the true story behind the 2016 Jat reservation Agitation. It focuses on the series of protests which occurred in North India and led to atleast 30 deaths.


Cheer Haran is a Hindi movie directed by writer, actor Kuldeep Ruhil. It features Kuldeep Ruhil as the lead character.

Cheer Haran made an attempt to look into the psyche of Haryana in the aftermath of Jaat Reservation Agitation 2016.

Last year the state of Haryana was unguarded and abandoned, when suddenly a peaceful Jatt reservation agitation turned into a nightmare for everyone. Incidents of arson and stone pelting were reported. Properties worth hundreds of crores were destroyed, nearly 31 youngsters lost their lives and the most disturbing fact was that several women were allegedly gang-raped by uncontrollable mob during this torrid period.

The movie deciphers two words, Jaat and Reservation. It helps the audience to understand why the agitation, all of a sudden, turned horribly violent. The film also highlights the human and inhuman side of the whole revolt which turned into riots.


The documentary was successful in exploring the socio-political fabric of Haryana. The documentary showed the true reality to the audience. The events that lead to the riots of February, 2016 are shown in the movie.

The director and narrator of the film, Kuldeep Ruhil is known for his previous films and series like Aashram (2020), Mickey Virus (2013) and Long Live Brij Mohan (2017).

Kuldeep has done an excellent job as his research and depiction of the understanding of the events leading up to the riots, is very thorough. For months, he researched every minute detail of the riot. Then after he completed his research, he presented his vision of the reality of the andolan in 2016.

The film is divided in 10 chapters and these chapters cover every single community that was affected by the riots. The film is a complete eye opener as it portrays the relevant story and reflects current scenario of our country.

Cheer Haran is well made and is an important film as it shows the harsh reality of our society.

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