British finance minister says Covid vaccine passport idea might help the economy

British finance minister says Covid vaccine passport idea might help the economy

On Sunday, Finance minister of UK Rishi Sunak said the idea of giving people vaccine passports or certificates to allow them to enter venues or events might be a way to help the economic recovery of a country from the coronavirus pandemic.

British finance minister Rishi Sunak told BBC television, “Obviously it is a complicated but potentially very relevant question for helping us reopen those parts of our country like mass events.”’

Last week Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government of UK would hold a review to consider the scientific, moral, philosophical and ethical questions about using vaccine certificates for people who have received a coronavirus shot. This could help entertainment and hospitality venues reopen. Mr Johnson said he was “very optimistic” most Covid restrictions in England can be lifted on 21 June.

The review will be lead by Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove.

Vaccine passports have been discussed by several countries as a way to safely reopen international travel. But ministers have refused to introduce a similar scheme domestically within the UK for hospitality or leisure activities.

Civil liberty organizations and Public health officials have urged policymakers to resist calls for coronavirus vaccine passports, at a time when many countries are in the process of reviewing whether to introduce digital passes.

UK is among those countries which are considering the introduction of a digital passport that will allow citizens to show they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. This certificate system could be very useful for travelling abroad as well as to grant access to venues such as restaurants and bars. It could also boost the economy of a country. The airline industries are among those who want the government to usher in legislation that supports Covid vaccine passports. However, rights groups and physicians are deeply concerned.

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