BJP’s campaigner accuses TMC of rigging Lok Sabha polls

BJP’s campaigner accuses TMC of rigging Lok Sabha polls

Bharatiya Janata Party’s prominent campaigner Suvendu Adhikari has accused Trinamool Congress (TMC) of electoral malpractise. Suvendu Adhikari was the former West Bengal Minister and currently he is a prominent campaigner against the Trinomool Congress (TMC).

On Wednesday, Suvendu said that in 2019, the ruling party did not allow the Hooghly district administration to count the votes in 16 electronic voting machines (EVM) at the Arambagh Lok Sabha constituency.

At a rally in Mankundu, Hooghly district, Adhikari said, “The TMC pressured district officials to not count the votes in 16 machines. Otherwise, the BJP would have won the Arambagh seat. But we are surging ahead in the district. A number of TMC legislators will join us because they cannot work for the people if they stay in the ruling party,”

This allegation came just before the arrival of Chief Commissioner of India, Sunil Arora, in Kolkata. Arora with his entire team visited Kolkata to review the ground situation before the assembly polls which are due in March- April.

Bengal’s deputy parliamentary affairs minister Tapas Roy, reacted to the allegations by BJP minister and said, “Adhikari is making random allegations. If such a malpractice took place, why didn’t he speak up one year ago?”

At the rally Sunil Adhikari also accused the TMC of corruption. He said that the ruling party was operating sand and coal smuggling operations. He made charges against chief minister Mamata Banerjee by saying that the CM has told lies to the people and that she has been running the Centre’s welfare schemes by changing their names in Bengal.

He said, “It is essential that the same party rules the nation and Bengal. Unless you (voters) drive out the TMC, people won’t get jobs. This government has kept appointments by the school service commission on hold for years. There is no industrial growth but you see only hefty expenses being made on annual investment summits.”

He made appeals to the left supporters and said that they should support BJP in the interest of the state.

The sitting TMC MP from Arambagh, Aparupa Poddar defeated the BJP by 1,142 votes last year. BJP still managed to bag the district’s Hooghly Lok Sabha seat.

A single EVM can count up to 2000 votes.

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