BJP slams Rahul Gandhi over hypocrisy on Jallikattu

BJP slams Rahul Gandhi over hypocrisy on Jallikattu

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited temple town and witnessed the bull taming sport Jallikattu on the occasion of Pongal. He praised the sport over which he was criticsed by the Bharatiya Janta Party.

On Thursday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, to celebrate Pongal and watched the bull taming sport, Jallikattu. Gandhi said that his visit was a message to the centre that the Tamil spirit cannot be suppressed. BJP lashed out at congress for its hypocrisy on Jallikattu, as congress led UPA had banned the sport in the year 2011. BJP ridiculed Gandhi for witnessing Jallikattu and praising the sport.

Rahul Gandhi made a sharp comment against the centre and said, “One of the main reasons I came is, today the government in Delhi is under the impression that they can destroy the cultures of this country. They believe that they can suppress the emotions of Tamil people, they believe they can crush the language of the Tamil people, they can suppress the spirit of the Tamil people.”

“I came to give them a message that nobody can suppress the Tamil spirit,” he added.

According to him, witnessing Jallikattu helped him understand why Tamil people appreciate it. He said, “There was a sense. Many people had mentioned to me that Jallikatu is harmful to the bulls. I witnessed it today and I must say that the way it was done there was absolutely no chance of the bull getting injured. In fact if it was anyone to get injured it was the young men doing jallikattu. I am happy to say that there have been some changes to make it safer for everybody,”

Party national general secretary and Tamil Nadu in-charge, C T Ravi criticised Gandhi and said that he was insulting Tamil ‘makkal’ (people) on jallikattu with his hypocrisy. He took a dig at Gandhi’s visit to Avaniyapuram and tweeted:

“Dear @RahulGandhi, Your Govt in 2011 labelled #Jallikattu as cruel & barbaric. Your Party manifesto supported ban on Jallikattu. Today, you are in Tamil Nadu to watch this traditional sport live. Aren’t you insulting lovely Tamil Makkal with your hypocrisy? Happy Pongal,” Ravi said in a tweet.

In the event Rahul Gandhi extended his party’s support to the farmers and accused the government of “conspiring to destroy” peasants to benefit a select few businessmen.

Earlier, Gandhi attended the Pongal celebrations with people of Thenpalanji village in the district and also had food with them. He clicked photos with local youth and interacted with some elderly people.


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