BJP rakes up old Manmohan Singh speech to back its case for CAA

The BJP is using a clip from an old speech by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to win support for the Citizenship Amendment Act brought by its government.

The video, which is from 2003, shows Manmohan Singh telling the Rajya Sabha that minorities in countries like Bangladesh faced persecution after Partition. (Bangladesh was originally East Pakistan.)

In his speech, Singh “asked for a liberal approach to granting citizenship to minorities, who are facing persecution, in neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan”, the BJP said in a tweet.

The Citizenship Amendment Act “does just that”, the party said.

The law offers citizenship to Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants who fled their home countries to escape religious persecution.

It covers six minority religious groups, but not Islamic ones.

The government has pointed out that the law won’t take citizenship away from Indians, denied the charge that it is anti-Muslim, and promised to protect locals’ rights in the Northeast, where there are fears of a threat to their social and cultural identity.

Several public figures, including historian Ramachandra Guha and activist-politician Yogendra Yadav, were detained during protests today.







Source India today

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