Ayushmann Khurrana pens poem on Janta Curfew , says “pollution is low, birds look happy”

Ayushmann Khurrana pens poem on Janta Curfew , says “pollution is low, birds look happy”

Ayushmann Khurrana has said he was speechless on witnessing the ringing of bells and plates across India during Janata Curfew on Sunday due to coronavirus outbreak. The actor has, penned down a poem which the actor begins with the words “aaj mere paas koi shabd nahi hain (I have no words today).”



Ayushmann shared a video in which he is seen reciting the poem in his balcony. He says, “Ladies and gentleman, what I witnessed at 5’o clock was pretty historical. I think it was a great example of human bonding, human spirit. We are all together in this” and further goes on to recite a poem.


Through his poem, Ayushmann talks about how people aren’t much bothered about  the lockdown now. He also added the pollution levels are on all-time low and the birds look happy due to this.


His filmmaker wife Tahira Kashyap shared glimpses of them clapping in their balcony  on her Instagram account she wrote, “Scenes from my family in Chandigarh and Mumbai! These 5 minutes were surreal! I not only felt connected to my folks but everyone. We, thousands and millions, shared those 5 minutes of happiness together , the 5 minutes where courage and determination surged from a happy life state to dispel the darkness that is trying to shroud our lives.

This connection is called Humanity. We were and are meant to be One! #weshallovercome.”


She shared another video of them clapping in their balconies on Saturday. She wrote, “This was yesterday. pata hi nai chal raha kaunsa Saturday hai kaunsa Sunday! Par family ki shiddat dekho, kisi ko balcony pe na paake bhi lage huen hain…but on serious note this is how much we appreciate and respect all the front line workers who have put themselves at risk for us all! #wemadeabooboo.


See you all again at 5 pm today, and we hope to see many others in their balconies!”



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