Army Counter-Terrorism Operation Continues at JK’s Poonch

Army Counter-Terrorism Operation Continues at JK’s Poonch

On Friday Indian army counter-terrorism operations in the Nar Khas forest area of Poonch continued.

During this operation in Poonch district, Indian Army Special Forces have been deployed to locate and target a small group of terrorists hiding in the dense jungle.


Yesterday evening, a military source told ANI: “According to a ground assessment, there may be two to four terrorists operating in small groups. Troops are moving cautiously within the dense forest area to hunt them down.”

Terrorist groups are now surrounded in certain areas and special forces agents along with other forces can make contact at any time, they also said.

A lot of surveillance equipment has been deployed to support ground operations.

Sources say that the area is being cleared and that all necessary actions are being taken.

The commander of the 16th Corps Nagrota is constantly tracking the operation. Nine army soldiers lost their lives in this operation.

The ongoing operation against insurgents hiding high in the Poonch mountains in Jammu is the longest in the area since 2003. It is not clear how many insurgents the army is fighting and how long they have been hiding in the dense forest in Pir Taji Panjal overlooking the Poonch district and Rajouri.

It has long been known that cross-border intruders use the PoonchPir Panjal route to access south Kashmir. But they are not known to have lived in the area for long, as its mixed Hindu-Muslim population is hostile to Pakistani and Kashmiri militants.

This is why the possible presence of militants in the area for weeks has raised a red flag in security agencies. It also evokes comparisons when Poonch was a hotbed of militancy and a security nightmare. It took a long operation in 2003 to eliminate the militants and even longer to subdue the local population.



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