Armin Laschet elected chairman of German chancellor Merkel’s CDU party

Armin Laschet elected chairman of German chancellor Merkel’s CDU party

On Saturday, Christian Democrats of Germany elected Armin Laschet as the chairman of the party. The dominant party of Germany opted for the candidate who resembles the most with the policy and style of the outgoing chancellor, Angela Markel.

In a digital conference on Saturday, Christian Democrats party voted for Armin Laschet who is a close ally of Angela Markel. He was elected with 521 votes in a run off against the rival Friedrich Merz, who got 466 votes. CDU voted as they aimed to unify their divided party behind Armin, as they hope that he would succeed Angela as the new chancellor.

Armin Laschet is the premier of the Germany’s most populous western state of North Rhine, Westphalia.  He is a son of a coal mining foreman. He did his graduation in law and once edited a Catholic newspaper. Before being elected as a premier of Westphalia in 2017, he was once a legislator in the Bundestag as well as the European Parliament.

59 year old, Armin said in his victory speech, “I want to do everything so that we can stick together through this year… and then make sure that the next chancellor in the federal elections will be from the (CDU/CSU) union.”

“I’m aware of the responsibility that comes with this job and will do everything to do well in the upcoming regional elections and to ensure in the national election that the next chancellor comes from the Union,” he said.

He presented himself as Merkel continuity candidate. Markel herself said last year that Armin had “the tools” to run for chancellor. This was the closest she has come to endorse someone.

Armin will be replacing Europe’s predominant politician, Angela Markel. Angela is a consistent winner with the German voters since 2005 and successfully transformed the German Politics.

She was the first female chancellor of Germany and in the year 2000, she was the first woman and first non catholic to lead CDU. Her presence as the leader of a male-dominated and largely Catholic party is an achievement as it has changed not only the party but also the German society. She has turned the deeply tradiontal party into “one of the pillars of the new German consensus”. This lead to new policy direction on everything from energy reform to family and women’s rights. She was able to prove herself during the financial crisis. When most of the other European leaders were finished off in the global economic crisis, she introduced economic stimulus packages and shortening working hours, whereby workers worked less but had their earnings topped up by the government rather than business.  As a result she helped Germany flourish in such times of crisis. She will surely go down in German and European history as a leader with some historic achievements to her name.

Angela will step down after the federal elections in September and she had made it very clear that she will not run for chancellor in future.

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