Arijit Singh’s new single is surely going to give you teary eyes till the end!

T-series have recently released their new song ‘Pachtaoge’ from the album JAANI VE revolving around the LOVE-TRAGIC-HATE vibe! This single is sung by THE KING OF ROMANTIC NUMBERS Arijit Singh. His soulful voice and the melodious Punjabi lyrics gifts the song the ideal hues of the story that lies in it. The song consists of Bollywood personalities like URI fame Vicky Kaushal and Belly dance beauty Nora Fatehi in the lead and features Prabh Uppal as well.

Arijit Singh’s new single is surely going to give you teary eyes till the end!

LOVE is the purest of the feelings that exist in a man’s life. Being happy or being sad is just up to some level but the feeling of love doesn’t seem to have any limits. But here the director Arvindr Khaira has given the PERFECT TOUCH OF TRAGEDY to a beautiful knitted love story of Vicky and Nora. The tragic element being added to love stories seems to be the usual content in Bollywood movies and singles. But, this one here stays to be DIFFERENT from the rest. The vibe that the song delivers is just the one that you couldn’t control your feelings brim up to your eyelids!

The Punjabi-Hindi blended wordings of the song are designed by the lyricists Jaani and the soothing tunes and music are added by B Praak. Starting with the couple being in their dinner scene during which something unusual is spotted by Vicky in her beau’s nature and follows her to declutter the suspense that lies. And there you get of what he finds!! The feelings of LOVE-HATRED are depicted in an amazingly magical way. Where the story highlights the bright and lovey-dovey days of the couple on the counterpart there stays the DARK PHASE as well. The musical single delivers that you that how does it feel to be regretful in a relationship for a wrong step. And how much hard it could cost to your HEART!!

How does it feel to doubt your most loved one? The one on whom you have poured your tons of love and trust? And when you get to realize the reality? All these questioned get replied from this ONE SONG!



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