After ‘waiting for over 6 hours’ CM Arvind Kejriwal Files Nomination

After ‘waiting for over 6 hours’ CM Arvind Kejriwal Files Nomination




The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal filed his nomination after waiting for over six hours on Tuesday, as he failed to file the nominations on Monday due to his massive roadshow.

AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj was quoted by PTI as saying Kejriwal filed his nomination at around 6.30 pm.
Earlier in the afternoon, Kejriwal waited in a long line of first-timers “without proper nomination papers” prompting AAP leaders alleged “conspiracy” by the BJP to stop the Delhi CM from filing his papers on time.

Kejriwal tweeted at around 2.30 p.m. from the Jamnagar House “Waiting to file my nomination. My token no is 45. There are many people here to file nomination papers. (I) am so glad so many people participating in democracy,”.

Explaining his delay for filing nominations he said “he got delayed because of Republic Day march rehearsals and traffic jam on all corners of the area”
He added ” I have only one aim, how to end corruption and take Delhi forward. They are saying ‘defeat Kejriwal’, I am saying make schools better, hospitals better, give electricity. Their (opposition parties) only aim is to defeat Kejriwal,”.

Kejriwal again tweeted in reply to the complaints of his party colleagues ‘”Many of them are filing for the first time. They are bound to make mistakes. We also made mistakes the first time. We should handhold them. I am enjoying waiting with them. They are all part of my family,”.

The Voting will be held in all the 70 Assembly constituencies in Delhi on February 8, and results will be known on the 11th.

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