After 15 million vaccinated in UK, PM Johnson mulls over path out of lockdown

After 15 million vaccinated in UK, PM Johnson mulls over path out of lockdown

This week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will judge how fast England can exit Covid-19 lockdown after vaccinating 15 million of its most vulnerable people. The health minister said still death and hospital admission numbers were too high.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under mounting pressure from some lawmakers and businesses to reopen the economy. This pressure came after the country witnessed a “tremendous pace” of the vaccination rollout. UK had inoculated nearly a quarter of its population with a first dose of a Covid vaccine. This inoculation happened in a little over two months.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “We’ve got to watch the data. Everybody wants to get out of this as quickly as we safely can and both as quickly, but also as safely, are important.”

He further added, “The question is a judgement of how quickly and safely, how quickly we can do that safely. That’s the judgment that we’re making this week, looking at the data, ahead of the prime minister setting out the roadmap, on the 22nd.”

United Kingdom has vaccinated 15.062 million people with a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 537,715 have been vaccinated with a second dose of the vaccine.

While talking about the vaccination certificates Hancock said, “The British government is speaking to other countries across the world about giving British people certificates showing they had been vaccinated so that they could travel abroad in the future to countries that require them.”

Inorder to limit the spread of new variants of the coronavirus, a new Covid-19 hotel quarantine system for arrivals from 33 “red list” countries was introduced. Hancock said that the system appeared to be working smoothly.

Though UK has the world’s 5th worst official death toll, still it managed to be in the list of countries with the highest vaccination rates globally.

The pandemic has killed around 2.4 million people and has pushed the global economy into its worst peacetime slump since the Great Depression and upended normal life for billions. A  massive global vaccine rollout is seen as the best chance of exiting the pandemic.

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