Adipurush teaser: Saif Ali Khan, portraying Raavan, is the highlight.

Adipurush teaser: Saif Ali Khan, portraying Raavan, is the highlight.


On October 2, the long-awaited debut teaser for Om Raut’s Adipurush was made public. We had very mixed thoughts about it, aside from Saif Ali Khan’s excellent screen presence. The one we experienced after watching Samrat Prithviraj’s first teaser.

Do You really want to witness Prabhas as Ram, especially given how starkly edited his divine form appears to be? It’s acceptable to make a small cut here and there. However, the Ram avatar appears to have undergone a blow dryer, it could have been better. We are aware that Gods are truly otherworldly beings. However, this is not of this world.

Additionally, Sharad Kelkar appears to be dubbing Prabhas’ voice, at least in the teaser (the director Om Raut’s Tanhaji link). We are hoping Prabhas would voice his own line in the finished movie. Otherwise, it becomes 2 different presentations both visually and acoustically, since Prabhas has a very intense and convincing voice, as we all are aware of when performances are extraneously dubbed.

On the other side, the bhakts would experience too much surprise if Ram spoke Hindi with a Tamil accent , but that’s the beauty of Indian diversity.

Hanuman, who is performed by Devdatta Nage, arrives from the sky with his feet up and his hands raised like a Shaolin martial artist. The teaser, while well-cut, left me perplexed. I suppose that’s okay.

Sita is portrayed by Kriti Sanon swinging joyfully on a jhoola. She seems… tall. We had no idea what size the genuine Sita Ji was. However, we doubt Ram would have preferred for his better half to be tall than he was.

The special effects are the biggest letdown of the preview. The ten heads of Raavan resemble a drunken photographer’s hazy version of Saif. The vanar sena (monkey army) resembles a average animation of Planet of the Apes. Raavan Saif Ali Khan is shown flying on an artificial bird in one scene. It looks like something out of a theme park, where Daddy has to pretend to be on a fantastic adventure while sitting on a fake bird.

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