Abrogation of Article 370: The Right Move

Abrogation of Article 370: The Right Move

Modi government 2.0 has taken the historic step of abrogating article 370 & Article 35-A of Jammu Kashmir which was the constitutional fraud after nearly seven decades since Independence.

Let’s try to understand the whole historic step in political terms.

The first political fact is Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a special status state which means Pakistan oriented Anti-India politics led by the regional parties of the valley (like NC, PDP) will not take place to the fullest.

Since the Central government has full control by making it a union territory Jammu Kashmir state has become an integral part of India in a true sense as policies and schemes run by the government will be direct, affected and implemented for the betterment of the state population.

Congress party has exposed itself and has been split into two factions one which was led by Ghulam Nabi Azad supporting the 370 cause and the Pro India stand taken by Jyotiraditya Scindia and other leaders recently including Bhupender Hudda, former Haryana CM who always did bootlicking of the Gandhi family.

This historic step has exposed the hypocrisy of the left-liberal media like Ndtv who firstly tweeted saying J&K is an integral part but later deleted it.

As for the state which is going to see its first investor Summit India, it’s future is all set to witness the change along with the Ladakh region which is now free from Jammu Kashmir and has its own identity, things are coming back to normal.

Seen in Jammu and Kashmir where people’s free movement in a limited manner where banks hospitals being open people eating and buying doing all life activities within the protected layer of our dedicated Central security forces the state will now be the best version of itself.

Kashmir under Prime Minister is all set to become an Indian state as the last ruler Raja Hari Singh had also accorded and yes it was great Sardar Patel’s unfinished dream task which Home Minister Amit Shah did for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As an Indian now I, you and everyone can proudly raise the Tiranga at Lal Chowk, Srinagar with honor instead of fear in our eyes.

Image Credit: Business Today

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