6 Rafale fighter jets with India specific enhancement to arrive in Dec-Jan 2022

6 Rafale fighter jets with India specific enhancement to arrive in Dec-Jan 2022

India stands ready to source the remaining six Rafale multifunction jets with country-specific enhancements, including long-range air-to-air missiles, frequency jammers, and advanced communications, over the next two months.


According to the officials of  IAF, the first of three Rafales with India-specific upgrades will arrive in December from the IstresLe Tube Air Force Base, northwest of Marseille, France, while the last three multi-purpose fighters will fly to the Ambala Air Force Base in January 2022, which is equipped with test bench facilities for the manufacturer Dassault Aviation to Install India-specific upgrades on Rafale fighter jets.

It is understood that the existing fleet of 30 Rafales will be upgraded with the same upgrades next year once the India-specific upgrades are successfully tested under Indian conditions and in Hashimara to respond to emergencies in the Eastern Sector.

In addition to the out-of-sight Meteor air-to-air missiles, the Rafale has powerful weapons like laser-guided air-to-ground SCALP ammunition to target the enemy from a range of over 300 kilometers and high-precision HAMMER ammunition that shoots high and destroys Upgrade enemy targets within 60 kilometers.

With 36 Rafale in its arsenal, the Indian Air Force also becomes significantly more powerful in December with the introduction of at least two S400 air defense systems in India. The Royal Line of Control (LAC), but also deter any aerial threat from across the Tibetan border from a distance of 400 kilometers. The Indian Air Force with the longest air-to-air missiles out of sight aboard the Rafale and the S400 air defense system to protect air bases and skies above. , every enemy will think many times before throwing an evil look at India.


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