43% of nominees were rejected, according to MCD polls, while the review process continues today.

43% of nominees were rejected, according to MCD polls, while the review process continues today.


Even as the vetting process continued, the State Election Commission rejected more than 43% of the nominations submitted for 250 wards in advance of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections on December 4. According to a representative, on Wednesday, the scrutiny went until 10 p.m., and on Thursday, pending applications were reviewed.

Election officials examined 2520 of 2585 candidates while 65 were outstanding up to Wednesday. 1,115 nominations, or 43.13%, were turned down. The commission stated that 1405 nominations had been approved in its status report.

The papers either were incomplete or lacked the necessary number of proposers, according to a second official who reviewed the papers. While others submitted several nominations, some applicants failed to submit the affidavits. One of the justifications for the rejection was the absence of caste credentials.

The nominations had to be filed by Monday. They have been filed by a total of as 2021 applicants from 15 political parties. A third official stated, “Ward-wise statistics would take some more time to compile. The updates on the inspection process are still being gathered from the returning officers.

In municipal elections, high percentages of nomination rejection are typical. 1796 of the 4605 nominations received in the 2017 MCD elections were turned down. In order to handle rejections at the inspection level, parties recruit backup candidates.

A fourth official claimed that false statements or unreported criminal cases could lead to the rejection of candidates. Candidates frequently submit duplicate or dummy registrations as a fallback in case of a technical error, and one of is also disqualified.

Candidates for the Bharatiya Janata Party submitted 654 nominations; 258 of them were accepted, while 375 were not. Of the 728 candidates nominated by the Aam Admi Party, 258 had their nominations approved while 449 had them rejected. There were 405 nominations submitted for Congress, and 242 of them have been approved.

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