$4 billion to be contributed by US President Joe Biden to Covax that favours India

$4 billion to be contributed by US President Joe Biden to Covax that favours India

Image result for covid-19: US President Joe Biden to commit $4bn to Covax that favours IndiaThe World Health Organization (WHO) backed programme Covax will get a total contribution of $4 billion by US President Joe Biden on Friday. The programme makes sure that there is equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccine. Donald Trump had bittered his relationship with the global health body during his office.

According to an agreement announced in February, India has made a deal to receive 97.1 million doses out of 2 billion doses to be distributed under the programme. India is gaining most benefits from Covax.

WHO, the Gavi vaccine alliance, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) are a collaboration that is involved in Covax.

A senior administration officer informed that Biden will announce the contribution during the virtual meeting at the G7.

Image result for covaxThe White House in a note said, the first portion of $2 billion will go to Gavi. The remaining $2 billion will be released over 2021 and 2022. After the initial donor pledges are fulfilled and first vaccine doses have been delivered, the first slot of $500 million will be paid.

“In close cooperation with Gavi, this additional $2 billion in funding will serve to expand Covax’s reach,” the White House note said. “We also call on our G7 and other partners to work alongside Gavi, to bring in billions more in resources to support global Covid-19 vaccination, and to target urgent vaccine manufacturing, supply, and delivery needs.”

Former US President Donald Trump had fought with WHO and kept US out of the programme as he said that WHO had put false claims on China for origin of Coronavirus.

Image result for trump and whoTrump had also stopped the funding for WHO. US was the biggest contributor of WHO but it left during the deadliest pandemic.

US also left the US left Unesco, the Paris Agreement on climate, the Iran nuclear deal, and UN human rights council during Trump`s tenure.

But Joe Biden joined office and on the first day announced that US would rejoin the Paris Agreement and the WHO.

Biden has also vowed that he would take US to the world stage again and claimed that he would not take the position for sake.

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