10 Indian military base outside India

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10 Indian military base outside India

If not all of them, some of you should be aware of the significant military support of the armed forces within our country. In this role, we will discuss the important Indian army located outside our country and play an important role. We’ll talk about some of the most important one by one.

So, let’s get started.

The country shares its border on three sides and the Indian Defense Force protects the country from any threat whether it is in the air or off the ground.
An Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) has been deployed permanently in western Bhutan.
This country shares a good relationship with our country, and in return, our military provides security to the neighboring country.
India even claims that any attack on Nepal would be considered an attack on Indian territory.
The IAF has a runway in Sorcht that provides air hazard protection.
The Maldives Indian Navy is under security control which keeps an eye on the waters of the neighboring country.
Piracy threats in secure waters using a radar station tracking along the coast.
Viet Nam

The two countries have strong military ties and Vietnam has invited India to its maritime presence in the South China Sea through access to the Navy and the Air Force of Qam Ranh Bay.
Tajikistan (Tajikistan)
Farhaor Air Force Base is the first overseas base in India.
The hotel is a 15-minute walk from Islamabad.
It is India’s official base abroad and works jointly with Russia.
Iani Base also hosts Indian helicopters.
Madagascar ( Madagascar )
The monitoring station in northern Madagascar was established to monitor the activities of ships in the Indian Ocean.
It’s equipment with radar and surveillance equipment to intercept maritime communications.
In 2007, the Indian Navy was launched to collect intelligence inputs from other naval operations.
At the request of the Seychelles government, India plays a vital role in its fight against piracy.
India supports the country by providing helicopters and protective equipment to protect the borders.
India carried out its military assets to protect Qatar from an external threat in 2008.
The Indian Forces’ navy provides security and the Indian Navy gets free access to the sea.
Oman is the first Gulf nation to formally register its defense relationship with India, and Oman signed a defense treaty with India in 2008.
The Indian Navy has timely rights and is using Oman’s port bases to carry out counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.
The Indian Naval Base is in Muscat.
India and Mozambique share warm military ties with each other.
The Indian Navy takes responsibility for Mozambique’s maritime security during the 2003 African Union summit and during the summer of the World Economic Forum

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